Charter School Investments

NSNO bases our charter school investment strategy on the citywide charter environment. As the number and quality of charter schools evolve, so have the needs and priorities driving NSNO’s charter school investment strategy. Since 2007, NSNO has supported the launch or expansion of 28 schools, nearly 25% of New Orleans open-enrollment public charter schools. 


Algiers Charter School Association

Algiers Charter Schools Association serves nearly 5,500 students in 6 schools.

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Arise Schools

CMO operating Arise Academy in the 9th Ward and Mildred Osborne Charter School in eastern New Orleans.

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Bricolage Academy

Bricolage Academy

Bricolage Academy currently serves 75 kindergartners  and will add one grade each year.

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Choice Foundation

New Orleans CMO operating three schools: Lafayette Academy, Esperanza, and McDonogh 42. 

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Collegiate Academies

New Orleans CMO serving students at Sci Academy, Carver Prep,  and Carver Collegiate. 

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Crescent City Schools

CMO serving Akili Academy, Harriet Tubman Charter School, and Paul Habans Charter School.

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Einstein Group, Inc.

Local CMO serving students at Einstein Charter School and Einstein Charter School Extension. 

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FirstLine Schools

New Orleans CMO serving 5 schools throughout the city. NSNO supported the development of John Dibert and Joseph S. Clark schools. 

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Friends of King

K-8 expansion of Dr. King Charter School at Joseph A.Craig.

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Future is Now

National CMO currently serving students at John McDonogh High School. 

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KIPP New Orleans

National CMO Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) operating nine schools throughout the city.

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All-male public charter school serving students in East New Orleans.

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New Orleans College Prep

New Orleans CMO serving Sylvanie Williams College Prep, Cohen College Prep Middle, Cohen College Prep High, and Crocker College Prep.

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ReNew Schools

New Orleans CMO serving students at Batiste Cultural Arts Academy, SciTech Academy, Dolores T. Aaron Elementary, Schaumburg Elementary, and ReNEW Accelerated High School.

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Rite of Passage

Alternative school serving students in grades 7-12.

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Success Prep Academy

Currently a K-7 public charter that will add an 8th grade class in fall 2014.

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