Over the past decade, New Orleans has witnessed unprecedented growth in student performance, including dramatic increases in ACT scores, high school graduation rates, and college enrollment rates. While we have moved beyond a state of crisis, New Orleans still has a long list of systemic challenges, gaps, and inequities. NSNO estimates that approximately 17,000 students in New Orleans are in unstable or low-performing schools. We must do better. New Schools for New Orleans’ (NSNO) mission — delivering on the promise of excellent public schools for every child in New Orleans — drives everything we do. To achieve this mission, NSNO’s portfolio office has developed a strategy to increase the number of students served by high-performing schools and reduce the number of students served by the lowest-performing schools through:

1) Expansion and replication of schools that are serving students well; and
2) Building leadership capacity at the CEO- and principal-level to manage this change and support improvement and transformation.

Roughly 40% of New Orleans principals turn over each year, and no less than six of our city’s charter organizations have changed or will change CEO leadership within a year. This instability is costly to schools, and, if these transitions are not done well, can lead to higher teacher attrition and negative impacts on student achievement. In order to address this issue, NSNO is partnering with charter organizations across to provide tailored plans for ensuring stable, effective leadership in order to set the foundation for continued improvement. NSNO will provide supports to three different types of charter organizations:

  • Proven Operators serve a high percentage of economically disadvantaged students well, have replicated successfully before, and have the desire to replicate further.
  •  Promising Operators are small or single-site operators who serve economically disadvantaged students well and have the potential to expand or replicate successfully.
  • Vulnerable Operators are multi-site operators who are struggling with performance and have new or unstable leadership at the CEO-level.

Role and Responsibilities
The Executive Director of School Leadership will develop and manage all aspects of NSNO’s work in building leadership capacity at charter organizations through tailored supports at the CEO- and school leader- levels.
Specific responsibilities may include:

  •  Recruiting candidates for future leadership roles
  • Coordinating local residencies for future leaders
  • Matching existing and future leaders to tailored professional development opportunities such as fellowships, residencies, coaching, etc.
  • Matching struggling schools to external partners who can provide expert school-level improvement services
  • Managing relationships with senior leadership at all charter organizations that partner with NSNO
  • Managing relationships with external partners that provide leadership and school-improvement supports to schools
  • Monitoring progress of professional development programming
  • Working with NSNO’s Development and Finance teams to identify funding opportunities, raise funds for this work, and manage grant and vendor agreements
  • Working with retiring school leaders and CEOs to plan and manage transitions to new leadership

The Executive Director of School Leadership will be a member of NSNO’s Talent Team, reporting to the Chief Innovation Officer, and will also work closely with the Portfolio Team and Chief of Policy and Planning.


  • Required: 1) 8 – 10 years minimum of relevant work experience, including leading a charter school or charter organization, or leading development for leaders; 2) skills in data analysis, written and verbal communication, and budgeting; 3) belief that all students can learn and that effective leadership and teaching are the most important factors in changing outcomes for students
  • Preferred: 1) experience leading a school or charter organization in New Orleans; 2) experience working with and managing professional or leadership development partners; post-baccalaureate degree preferred

TO APPLY: We are reviewing applications on an on-going basis until the appropriate candidate has been selected. To be considered please email cover letter, resume, and 3 references as attachments to keisha@nsno.org with subject line: Executive Director of School Leadership. Mailed in applications will not be considered.