School Talent Development Programs

At the heart of New Orleans’ academic transformation are thousands of educators who dedicate themselves to delivering great instruction to the city’s students. The school talent development organizations listed below recruit new and experienced educators, support the development of middle and school leaders, and provide personalized support to CMOs. To access these programs, please contact Stephanie Slates at

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Achievement Network

ANet provides tools and expertise that empower school leaders to strengthen school-wide use of standards, data, and instructional best practices to boost student learning.

  • ANet coaches work closely with leaders to implement a strong teaching and learning cycle and provide professional development to share best practices across a national network of over 500 schools.
  • ANet provides formative, standards-aligned interim assessments that give teachers timely, actionable, and student-specific data. Assessments are available in paper-and-pencil or online versions.
  • ANet’s simple but powerful online tool allows teachers to easily view data reports and access Common Core-aligned instructional resources.

Education Pioneers

  • Education Pioneers is a talent partner that helps to fill important leadership and management roles outside the classroom – in operations, finance, HR, marketing, and more.
  • Education Pioneers provides easy access to high quality, diverse talent to meet your team’s short-term or long-term capacity needs.

Leading Educators

Leading Educators supports districts, CMOs, and schools to develop and expand the reach of teacher leaders. Leading Educators services include:

  • Formal training sessions designed to be immediately applicable by teacher leaders.
  • Leadership coaching to provide one-on-one differentiated support.
  • Optional school visits to observe high-achieving schools and gather resources to integrate into teacher leaders’ own work.
  • The Teams Fellowship is designed for school leaders and teams of teacher leaders to design effective middle leader roles, align school goals, and ultimately have a school-wide impact on student achievement.
  • The Teams Fellowship includes all of the supports of our Teacher Leader Fellowship as well as Quarterly Action Reviews led by skilled Leadership Coaches.
  • Leading Educators also provides strategic consulting, including needs assessments, designing and customizing programming, and direct training

Match Leadership Coaching Program

  • Match Leadership Coaching Program (MLCP) provides hands on support and training (including hundreds of hours of coaching) on how to directly and effectively coach teachers.
  • MLCP additionally provides the systems and processes to create a coaching system that will live in a school in perpetuity.

Relay Graduate School of Education

  • Relay helps both novice and veteran teachers reach professional mastery through both a one-year alternative certification program and a two-year Master of Arts in Teaching program focused on practical, research-based teaching techniques.
  • Relay supports partner schools in recruiting, hiring, and training new teachers for a lifelong career in teaching through a unique two-year residency program that leads to both certification and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree.
  • Relay offers a one-year fellowship that trains sitting school leaders in the tenants of effective leadership.

Special Education Leader Fellowship (SELF)

SELF’s vision is that every exceptional student will be provided with an education program that leads to success in school and life. We will achieve this vision by accelerating technical and leadership skills of special education leaders and principals through a two-year fellowship.

  • SELF’s curriculum is designed to develop participants’ skills and mindsets in the areas of authentic compliance, instructional delivery to meet diverse needs, teacher leadership and management, and partnering with parents, general education teachers, and others to support the learning of exceptional students.
  • The SELF experience includes a week-long summer intensive, high-touch in-school leadership coaching, school year workshops, peer reviews, and visits to outstanding special education programs in other cities around the country.

Teach for America

  • TFA’s mission is to enlist, develop, and mobilize the nation’s most promising future leaders to grow and strengthen the movement for educational equity.
  • TFA recruits remarkable and diverse individuals to become teachers in low-income communities. They commit to teach for two years as corps members and are hired by TFA’s partner public schools across the country.
  • TFA trains and supports corps members in the practices of great teachers and leaders through a rigorous summer training program and extensive coaching, professional development, and other resources throughout the corps experience. With hard work, perseverance, and strong partnerships with their students, students’ families, and communities, corps members can dramatically increase the opportunities available to their students in school and in life.
  • At the end of two years, corps members use what they’ve learned from their students to choose their path forward. Many stay in the classroom; others move into school leadership, nonprofit work, advocacy, policy, and more. All of their paths matter because together they form a network—connecting, expanding, and strengthening the movement to give all students access to a great education.

TNTP / TeachNola

  • TNTP provides content-specific training, coaching and other support to help teachers and school leaders successfully shift to the Common Core.
  • TNTP helps school and network leaders design systems and structures that support Common Core-aligned instruction and build the capacity of schools to develop their teachers’ instructional expertise.
  • Through teachNOLA, TNTP recruits, trains and certifies teachers for New Orleans classrooms. We also partner with schools and networks to coach teachers on key instructional skills.
  • TNTP trains and coaches school leaders to create a shared vision of instructional excellence in their schools, to effectively manage their instructional teams, and to foster strong instructional culture in their buildings.
  • TNTP helps schools and CMOs put systems and policies in place that support great teaching and accelerate student learning. We help partners craft strategic plans; design and implement evaluation, compensation and career pathway systems; and surface strengths, challenges and opportunities to improve in key areas that have an impact on teacher quality.