Investing in Innovation

The Recovery School District (RSD), New Schools for New Orleans (NSNO), and the Achievement School District (ASD) in Tennessee were awarded $33.6 million ($28 million – 83.33% – from the Federal Department of Education and $5.6 million -16.67% –  in private matching funds) to turn around persistently low-performing schools through the development of new public charter schools. Over a 5-year period, the RSD, NSNO, and the ASD will be executing application processes that fund high-quality charter operators to develop new schools that are tied to the turning around of failing schools. 

To date, a total of ten awards have been made tied to the transition of eleven schools in New Orleans and seven awards have been made tied to the transformation of six schools in Memphis and one school in Nashville.

Requests for Proposal and Applications related to the Investing in Innovation (i3) Federal Grant funding for the 5-Year Project “Scaling the New Orleans Charter Restart Model” will be published here for both review and PDF download. Submission instructions and timelines are included in each document.

Questions related to New Schools for New Orleans – Investing in Innovation (i3) award should be directed to Indrina Kanth, Director of School Investments, at