Direct School Support

For New Orleans children and families to truly have choice among many high-quality options, all schools must continue to improve. NSNO provides direct programming to support schools throughout the city.

School Quality Reviews

During a single school day, NSNO facilitates a team of leaders from other local schools to analyze data gathered through staff and student surveys, staff and student interviews, and classroom observations with the goal of identifying high-level strengths, areas for growth, and recommended focus areas.

Whole School Review: Observation ToolCrib Sheet

Content Deep Dive School Reviews

Content Deep Dive school reviews aim to provide insights into the instructional practices in either ELA or math at a school. Using components of Student Achievement Partners’ Instructional Practices Guides, NSNO facilitates a team of leaders from other schools to provide feedback on how well aligned instruction is to grade-level standards and how well instructional practices position students to meet the full expectations of the standards.

Content Deep Dive Math: K-12 ToolK-12 Crib Sheet

Content Deep Dive ELA: K-8 ToolK-8 Crib Sheet9-12 Tool9-12 Crib Sheet

Communities of Practice

NSNO aims to foster collaboration, deepen content knowledge, and sharpen change management skills across schools and CMOs through Communities of Practice. Click the links below to learn about the three focus areas and how to apply:

College Readiness Consortium

NSNO aims to support high schools as they transition to LEAP 2025 and new ESSA requirements with a focus question: How can schools effectively prepare students for college as defined by mastery on LEAP and 20+ on the ACT?