Direct School Support

For New Orleans children and families to truly have choice among many high-quality options, all schools must continue to improve. NSNO provides direct programming to support schools in this improvement through our School Quality Reviews, Common Core transition support, interim assessment support, and teacher effectiveness support.

School Quality Reviews

During each review, a team of local educators analyzes the school’s leadership, culture, and instruction to provide the school leader with support and resources to enhance the school’s performance. NSNO has placed an emphasis on aligning our process to academic studies of effective practices of high-performing schools.

Common Core Implementation

To prepare New Orleans students to compete on a global level, teachers are aligning instruction to more rigorous standards and assessments. NSNO is facilitating professional development opportunities, resource sharing, and collaboration among schools throughout the city in programming targeting a variety of grade levels and subjects. To read more about this programming, read about The Proficiency Project.

Portfolio School Initiative

For a small cohort of schools who elect to receive intensive support, NSNO provides adaptive, ongoing high-touch support. To catalyze school improvement, NSNO works closely with the school leadership to build capacity in the high leverage school practices of strategic planning, teacher development, data driven instruction, student culture, and student support structures.

To learn more about these and our other direct school support programs, including The Common Core Connection, Leading for Excellence, CMO Reviews, Proficiency Rounds, PARCC Fellows, ACT 23 Fellows, ACT 23 Prep Course Convening, and Portfolio Membership, please see our page on The Proficiency Project. For a brief overview of this project, click here.