Progress and Potential in Increased College-Going Rates for New Orleans


Progress: Rise in State Rankings Yesterday, the Louisiana Department of Education published this year’s college-going rates across the state. Congratulations are in order; New Orleans has climbed in the statewide rankings, moving up eight spots from last year. In 2017, roughly… Read More

Op-Ed: The problem isn’t OneApp, it’s a need for more good schools


CEO of New Schools for New Orleans, Patrick Dobard, wrote the following op-ed for | The Times-Picayune, published May 11, 2018.  We face a sobering reality: access to education in this country is unequal. This isn’t fair, and in… Read More

Reflecting on the 2017 Cohort Graduation Rates


Today, the Orleans Parish School Board and Recovery School District released the 4-year graduation rates for our city. The rate of students graduating with their peers is just one marker of a district’s success, but it is the most fundamental indicator… Read More

Teaching students to love and understand science


Christy Swauncy is the 7th grade Lead and Science Teacher at KIPP Central City Academy and a winner of the 2017 New Orleans Excellence in Teaching Award. She is originally from Memphis, Tennessee and has been teaching for 13 years…. Read More

An update from Maggie and Michael


Colleagues, Over the last year, we have worked with Patrick, our board, and the full NSNO team to develop a clear set of priorities and a strategy to move student achievement forward into the next decade. Now, after a combined 18 years… Read More

Launching the New Orleans Instructional Quality Initiative


By Patrick Dobard Academic performance in New Orleans’ improved consistently for over a decade, but over the last few years, during our transition to higher state standards, the proficiency gap between New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana widened in… Read More

Five key takeaways from CREDO’s i3 evaluation


By Patrick Dobard In 2010, NSNO, the RSD, and Tennessee’s Achievement School District were awarded a nearly $30 million federal Investing in Innovation (i3) grant to transform low-performing schools. Earlier today, CREDO released their report evaluating the effectiveness of the… Read More

A holistic approach to special education


Nicole Mayeux is the Transition Coordinator at Cohen College Prep and a 2016 New Orleans Excellence in Teaching Award winner. When we asked her why she teaches, she shared with us the following.  One word haunted me during my first year teaching—… Read More

What do we do now? We focus on solutions.


Out of the 200 largest school districts in the United States, there is no city serving primarily black students that outperforms New Orleans on academic growth. This was recently highlighted in The New York Times. In 2015, Tulane’s Education Research… Read More