LEAP Scores Stall: As Schools Retain Teachers and New Curriculum Takes Root, the City Will See Change


The percentage of 3rd through 8th grade students scoring Mastery and above on ELA and math LEAP tests combined improved statewide. In New Orleans, LEAP scores did not improve; the percentage of students scoring Mastery and above has stalled, while… Read More

From Books to Baseball: Learning, In and Outside of the Classroom


The voices of students and families are the most important part of any dialogue on public education. So as the school year ended and the summer began, we interviewed Cassandra Tucker, who is the mother of two students at Martin… Read More

The Journey to Higher Standards and Increased Equity in Louisiana


In Louisiana, we have finally given our students the high academic standards they deserve. Over the past decade, in our state, academic standards and assessments have become more rigorous. As they have done so, New Orleans’ children, teachers, and schools have… Read More

Looking Back with Pride, Looking Forward with Hope


By Rodney Johnson, recent graduate of the Earn and Learn Program at Tulane’s Cowen Institute If I could talk to my younger self, I would say, “If you want it, fight for it. You’ve got to keep your eyes on… Read More

College Enrollment Rate Above State Average Four Years Running


The Louisiana Department of Education has released the Class of 2018 college enrollment rates. For New Orleans, there is much to celebrate, as well as room for continued progress. More New Orleans students are enrolling in college immediately following graduation:… Read More

Forbes: “New CREDO Report Shows Student Progress in New Orleans Has Continued”


Read yesterday’s Forbes article outlining student progress in New Orleans. The article quotes NSNO’s CEO, Patrick Dobard, and also references his article in The 74 and the NSNO blog post on OneApp results.

Over a Decade of Progress: New Orleans Graduation Rate Up 24 Points Since 2004


The Louisiana Department of Education has released the Class of 2018 four-year cohort graduation rates. The data for New Orleans shows that our schools are graduating more students, preparing more students to qualify for merit-based aid, and continuing to improve outcomes… Read More

Guest Column from The 74: 10 Reasons New Orleans’ Schools Are Succeeding


This week, The 74 published a piece by our CEO, Patrick Dobard, on the top reasons New Orleans’ schools are improving and succeeding. Read on for Patrick’s reflections on the ten things that stand out, from accountability to open enrollment and community engagement. New Orleans’s… Read More

In Case You Missed It: May 2019


Eleven New Orleans Schools in Top 150 of La. Schools Ranked by U.S. News April 2019 | U.S. News & World Report The U.S. News & World Report recently released its Best High Schools national rankings. The rankings include more than 300 Louisiana high schools; they are… Read More