Role and Responsibilities

A key element of NSNO’s work is supporting schools throughout New Orleans in their efforts to continuously improve for the students they serve. We have aligned all of our school support work around research-based best practices.  To focus on academic proficiency and a college ready threshold for all students, we must ensure that our high schools have adopted and implemented the use of high quality, aligned instructional materials.  In order to maximize the use of these high quality materials, we must also ensure that our high schools are effectively training leaders and teachers in the appropriate use of these materials.  To best support high school teachers, we must ensure that schools have ongoing, quality professional development that allows for the intellectual preparation of lessons, real time feedback during a lesson, thorough debriefs on execution after a lesson and the ongoing use of lesson level data to respond to student misunderstandings.

The New Schools for New Orleans Schools Team would like to work with a qualified consultant that can coordinate with other team members and assist with accomplishing NSNO’s 2019-20 curriculum and support priorities at the 13 IQI High Schools.

Specifically, the High School IQI Consultant will be responsible for:

  1. In partnership with national experts and Schools Team members, have an up to date and accurate accounting of school/CMO instructional materials choices and quality of implementation.
  2. Work with the Director of IQI and the Chief of Schools to develop additional support opportunities for ELA and Math professional development in order for high-quality providers to work with principals, instructional leaders, and teachers on curriculum implementation
  3. Choosing/coordinating high quality providers of professional development-based on our understanding of school/CMO instructional materials, identify and coordinate with third party providers in order to offer ongoing professional development in the implementation of these high quality instructional material through clusters in ELA and Math.
  4. Assess-reflect-action plan on priorities with high schools, CMO, and high-quality PD providers to ensure the structural changes are in place within organizations to support teachers and leaders in the use of high quality curricula throughout the school year.
  5. Work with national experts to collect school level data on curriculum implementation and support methods to set annual priorities for support
  6. Serve as resource between high-quality providers and school leadership to troubleshoot implementation.
  7. Maintaining and actively sharing up-to-date knowledge about Common Core aligned instructional resources, LEAP assessments, and the Louisiana Department of Education’s CCSS strategy

Requisite Qualifications

  • A proven track record of student achievement results at the school, district or state level;
  • Successful experience serving as a coach or mentor and or providing high-quality professional development for teachers and leaders;
  • Experience in managing external providers of professional development;
  • Knowledge and skill in observing classrooms and schools for Common Core content and instructional materials;
  • Strong critical thinking skills, demonstrated by identifying key levers for change and problem solving based on data;
  • Comfort with ambiguity and the flexibility to work in a fluid, fast-paced, and highly entrepreneurial environment
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, specifically the ability to facilitate adult learning and one-on-one problem solving sessions
  • Ability to use informal influence to motivate others to drive performance
  • Ability to be in training sessions in the evenings and/or weekends as needed
  • Ability to travel to the 13 IQI High School sites
  • Alignment with NSNO’s core values of Solutions, Excellence, Passion, and Equity

How to apply

Please send a tailored cover letter and a resume to HR@nsno.org. Mailed applications will not be accepted.